lthough bubbly is what started the adventure, Hout Bay Vineyards also produce a range of other wines which include a Sauvignon Blanc, a full-bodied red, Petrus, as well as a delicate light rosé, Blush. Other products include a delectable port, wine farm honey and cold pressed olive oil.


All the grapes harvested from Hout Bay Vineyards are used exclusively for our Cap Classique and from the second pressing, an extremely popular rosé wine is produced. We have expanded our range to include white wines from grapes within the Hout Bay valley and our red wine is produced from grapes grown in the Stellenbosch region.





ALC: 11%

RS: 1.3

PH: 3.4

TA: 5.3

Just as our vineyards are cradled by the mountains surrounding Hout Bay, so too is every bottle of Klasiek nurtured by the feminine touch of winemaker Catharine Lacey.  The relatively cool climate and proximity to the cold Atlantic Ocean are the ideal growing conditions for ‘Champagne’ grapes.  With a minimum of 36 months on the lees and made in the strictest French tradition, Klasiek is now finally receiving its well deserved accolades.  This bone dry Cap Classique has vibrant and zesty flavours worth a crisp, lingering finish.  The citrus and fresh brioche nose make it perfect as an aperitif or an accompaniment to any meal or dessert.




ALC: 12%

RS: 1.3

PH: 3.47

TA: 5.8

VA: 0.49

Reflecting the soft glow of the setting sun on a Hout Bay evening, this crisp, dry rose’ wine is the perfect compliment to picnics with friends, light meals and salads.




ALC: 13%

RS: 1.39

PH: 3.4

TA: 6.3

VA: 0.56

The cool Atlantic breeze that drifts through Hout Bay valley unlocks the elegant complexity of this popular grape variety.  Loyal to the typical Character of Sauvignon Blanc, with its freshly vibrant and vivacious juiciness, this white wine has aromas of asparagus, cut grass and green peppers with a dash of tropical fruit flavours for balance.  Every sip will refresh and invigorate you with its subtle minerality.  It is a perfect accompaniment to salads, fresh fish and white meat.





ALC: 14%

RS: 2.59

PH: 3.55

TA: 5.8

VA: 0.85

One of the worlds most widely planted red wine grape variety, this gentle, yet complex, versatile wine is the perfect accompaniment to red and white meat, as well as pasta dishes.  It also goes really well with chocolate!  The rich and ripe fruit flavours are well balanced by a fresh savoury finish.






ALC: 13.5%

RS: 2.09

PH: 3.66

TA: 5.9

VA: 0.9

The Shiraz grape variety is originally from France and is suitable to the cooler climate of Hout Bay.  Shiraz derives its name from a town in Persia known for its beauty, flowers and poetry.  All which we believe is perfectly reflected in this wine.  This shiraz has a bouquet of spices and white pepper flavours with an intense dark berry aftertaste.




ALC: 14.4%

RS: 3.58

PH: 3.62

TA: 5.27

VA: 0.85

‘Teen dagbreek word die noukeurig geselekteerde druiwe geoes.  Koue weking van heel korrels word gevolg deur ‘n stadige gistings proses.  Die wyn word in fyn grein eikehout vate uit Frankryk tot perfekheid verouder waarna die keldermeester net wyn uit sy beste vate vit ‘Petrus’ versny.

This Rhone style blend is an opulent combination of Shiraz, Grenache Noir, Mourvedre and Carignan.  It is well balanced with an integrated structure and lots of fruit flavours.  The wine is aged to perfection in Oak barrels, from which the wine maker, Petrus Roeloffze, selects only the best for his ‘Petrus’ blend.




ALC: 19%

RS: 98.8

PH: 3.62

TA: 5.27

VA: 0.85

This ‘Port’ is made from the classic grape varietals, namely: Tinta Roris, Touriga Nacional, Touriga Francisca, Tinta Barocca and Souzao. The grapes were sourced from Stellenbosh and the wine has spent 5 years in 40 year old oak barrels.  It is packed with dark chocolate, cassis and raisin flavours and is delicious with dessert and strong cheese.




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