HOUT BAY VINEYARDSA Family AffairSometime ago, in 2001, Peter and Cathy began excavations for their dream house at the top of Grotto Way, Hout Bay. It was hard work and Skoorsteenkop seemed reluctant to give up the immense boulders that had been strewn across its slopes for thousands of years.They planted their first vines in September of 2003 with the aim to produce their favourite beverage, bubbly!                SADLY, JUST BEFORE THE FIRST HARVEST, TRAGEDY STRUCK                     Sadly, just as the first grapes were about to be harvested herbicide was used to spray the vines instead of pesticide. The once luxuriant vineyard was gradually reduced to a field of dead, grey vegetation. Three years of backbreaking work lay decaying at their feet. With steely resolve, Peter and Cathy ripped out all the vines and planted new ones. With no harvest of their own expected for some time, they bought in grapes in 2004, the wine was made and laid down to ‘bottle-ferment and rest’ for three years.           The set back delayed the first harvest and as such the first grapes were harvested from their own vines in January 2008. The maiden vintage was available in the summer of 2011. The official opening of Hout Bay Vineyards was on 1 December 2007. The occasion marked the release of their 2004 bubbly. Hout Bay Vineyards also formed alliances with other vineyards in the valley and their Sauvignon Blanc, made from grapes harvested at “Vineyard on Victoria" was released on the same day. May 2008 marked the first winter open day which saw the release of their first Reds, a Cabernet Sauvignon and Bordeaux style red blend. In 2012, Cathy And Peter completed their cellar extensions and now have extra storage capacity for bottled wine, in a naturally cooled underground cellar, which means that their wine will always be kept and aged in perfect conditions until it reaches the consumer.           HARVEST TIME IS A FAMILY AFFAIR ATHOUT BAY VINEYARDSAll the Bubbly is kept for a minimum of 3 years on the lees and the reds, once out of the barrels and in the bottle, will be left to lie in the cool and still until we feel it is perfect to drink! Harvest time is a family affair at Hout Bay Vineyards with the kids, relatives and friends joining the festivities. Anyone interested may come along, help and have fun!  The wines from Hout Bay Vineyards are primarily available on open days but Peter and Cathy also accommodate those who have run low on stock at other times and welcome visits: tastings and sales by appointment only. Contact Cathy 0n cathy@4mb.co.za or 083 790 3303









  • Hout Bay Vineyards is OPEN and trading under COVID19 protocols.
  • To purchase wine please call Cathy on +27 (0)83 790 3303